About EGloMart

EGloMart is #1 Decentralized marketplace for ideas, innovative projects which connects investors with promoters of innovative projects and innovative products around the world

The token will be the cryptocurrency used on the market and community-oriented projects like eGloMart must be built on trust. That’s why honesty, simplicity, and transparency are the key guiding principles of this token.

All financial decisions will be completely transparent and open. This way everyone knows what is happening and can participate in the decision making process. [mart] is built on the Binance Smart Chain, an independent blockchain compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).


Key features of EGloMart

Create opportunities

Create New Business Opportunities from NOTHING!meet strategic partnerships with other businesses, expanding your market over a larger geographical base

Solving business problems

we help small businesses grow affordable marketing, social media, lead generation, property management and e-commerce support.

Personal data must be isolated

Our data secured privacy makes it easy to securely manage and store. Protect your Payments and Customer datas .


Why Choose Eglomart project?

We believe in a new world, which helps you launch and introduce your new innovative business. Eglomart is designed carefully to make your idea , product and project more attractive, useful and fit descentrlized networks.

Secured User Data

We mainly ensure the transparency and security of data, transactions and data flows that encircle the platform by setting up peer to peer communication mechanisms.

Most Credibility

Our team and our mentors have participated for more than 7 years in the field of new technologies and the entrepreneurial world by coaching more than 15,000 project leaders around the world.

Data Search and secured engine

Never has the investment on new projects been so safe and relevant, our platform guarantees a return on investment by covering the costs via the tokens. while ensuring the quality of the projects.

Problem and Challenge

We create opportunities for the innovation ecosystem to meet and solve problems by creating innovation of tomorrow.

You hesitate to go into your business.

Eglomart creates a bridge between projects owners and actors of innovation ecosystem.

  • Eglomart takes the lead in the movement of innovative entrepreneurship with the ultimate goal of boosting the change makers with startup projects,small business owners
  • Organized and designed as an e-commerce platform for regulars by bringing together enthusiasts and players from the world of innovative entrepreneurship.

Create a new generation of entrepreneurs

Provide project leaders with the skills necessary to innovate, bring their ideas to life and develop value-creating projects.

Support for creators of ideas

We are flexible and available 24 hours a day on our networks and support for idea carriers, traders, artists and investors.

Zero risk investment

Improve the co-creation of value between innovative project leaders and investors by guaranteeing returns on investment.

EGloMart D2Consumer Decentralize Platform

Our platform allows the sale of products directly to customers, bypassing third party retailers wholesalers or any other intermediary.

Promote the ecosystem of innovative entrepreneurship internationally.

Its also an independent full service market research agency, specialized in Qualitative and Quantitative studies.

Equip project leaders with the right skills to innovate, disrupt and develop startup projects that create value.


Innovation marketplace

We create opportunities for the ecosystem to meet and solve problems by creating innovation of tomorrow.

We boost holders to succeed

the success of a innov .products requires learning and iteration, innovation does not obey any rules, to make the ecosystem grow.

Decentralize Payment Systems

internal transactions on the platform will be carried out by the EMR token in complete security and transparency.

Blockchain Based DevOps Marketplace

a decentralized online platform that connects producers of innovation and their buyers using cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange.

EgloMart [EMR]


Read the Whitepaper

The EGLOMART Whitepaper [EMR] is a tool to help and clarify the mechanisms of our token to our future collaborators and investors. They wish to participate in our decentralized platform and make them understand the goal of our project, our vision of the future, and its challenges.

Supported wallets

We recommend that you use these wallets; we have tested all possible cases with very low transfer fees.

Presale Tokens Informations

Tokens Offered
1,300 M EMR
Soft Cap (Public Presale)
400 BNB
Hard Cap
1000 BNB
Tokens Distributed
instantly at very low costs fees
Token Sale I 20 to 24 Nov 2021 FINISHED
EMR Price 1 BNB = 1,000,000 EMR
Token Sale II 25 to 30 Nov 2021
EMR Price 1 BNB = 990,000 EMR
Token Sale III 01 to 07 DEC 2021
EMR Price 1 BNB = 950,000 EMR
Token Sale VI 08 to 27 DEC 2021
EMR Price 1 BNB = 930,000 EMR

Eglomart EMR Tokens

All wallets used for the development and maintenance of [EMR] are public. A board which is open to anyone willing to contribute to the project, whether with time, money.

Sales Information

Public Sale Starts 20th Nov 2021 12:00 GMT
Public Sale Ends 27th Dec 2021 12:00 GMT
Total Token Supply 5,000,000,000
Tokens Allocated for Presale 1,350,000,000
Hard Cap 1000 BNB
Soft Cap 400 BNB
Average Token Value (4 phases) 1 BNB = 953,000 EMR
Accepted BNB

Token Sale Stage End In

Raised so far Loading..BNB
Soft Cap 400 bnb
Hard Cap 1000 bnb
Buy Token Now Minimum Purchase: 1000 EMR
50% Refferal Bonus
End at 27 Nov, 2021
30%VIP Bonus
Start at 20 Nov, 2021
Be Partner


Invest now in eglomart the decentralized market in innovative products and ideas in the world.

BUY EgloMart EMR

🔵 Minimum Buy = 0.01 BNB

🔵 Maximum Buy = 10 BNB

🔵 Rate Sale: 0.01 BNB = 10000 EgloMart EMR

🔵 Your friends who buy through your link receive 50% commission.

🔵 @ Binance Smart Chain:0x3a9d5ea8313838aa455b9816a4b6533ef2bbb7b6

Get your Referral link

🔵 Get 1000 EgloMart EMR per referral

🔵 Refer and Get 50% on airdrop & 50% per purchase

🔵 Referral count is unlimited

🔵 Fees transfert are specially very low ;).

🔵 Example: Your friend buy 10000 EgloMart EMR You receive 5000 EgloMart EMR!

Eglomart platform

Introducing Complete Eglomart dashboard

We designed Eglomart dashboard to manage buy and sell transactions. It’s allows to manage every thing such as KYC, Users, Transaction etc.

  • Instant Registring with wallet address based multi networks.
  • Fully manage KYC application process.
  • Online Payment WEB3 Gateway .
  • Manage Crowdfunding, Stage & each stage pricing and bonus option.
  • Analytics reports, Token Sales Data and others.
  • Newsletter with Emailing options.
  • Mobile Friendly and Support all modern browser.
The roadmap to success

What are our major goals?

View our roadmap to see how exactly we are making that happen.

NOV 2021 Concept development

Conceptualization of Eglomart Token

Release website, channels & social media

Release official whitepaper

Full smart contract audit Techrate.org

Official launch

Release Airdrop and Pre-Sale

marketing campaign

Applying for CertiK token audit

First partnership annoucement

DEC 2021 Listing phase
  • Listing decentralized exchange DEX
  • Listing on CoinGecko.
  • Publish CertiK audit report.
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap.
Q1 2022
Q1 2022 Beta App User Testing

Multiple centralized exchange CEX listing.

Eglomart marketplace of idea v 2.0

Integrate NFT Eglomart marketplace.

Listing eGloMart